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2000 - Establishment of force into the studio, a variety of classic models of the manuscript during this part of the drawing is complete and functional verification;
2003 - Yuhuan Machinery Factory was founded the same year released the first horizontal roll forming machine products;
2004 - CVJ series of special machines, and formally introduced to the user;
2005 - rubbing teeth machine products are fully optimized to market a full range of precision roll forming machine;
2006 - developed a full range of shaft parts milling plane hit the market;
2007 - renamed Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Taizhou force, move to a new factory, open international business;
2008 - into a new batch processing equipment and testing equipment, the same year, through the global financial crisis;
2009 - introduced advisory body construction quality management systems and processes in order, the same year launched the first vertical roll forming products;
2010 - Location Anhui Province set up a wholly owned subsidiary - Anhui into force, to build 25,000 square meters of production base;
2011 - Anhui company put into operation, the same year the introduction of all-electric roll forming machine and full-function CNC lathes;
2012 - Stand-alone automatic grinder delivery, won the first sets of equipment Anhui major awards and SME Innovation Fund to support;
2013 - The first fully automated production line shaft units delivered, and by high-tech enterprises;
2014 - force into "plane R & D Building" groundbreaking;





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